Common Areas of Law

Common Areas of Law

Not sure what kind of attorney you need? This section lists different Houston Lawyer Referral Service legal categories with brief descriptions that should help you to determine the proper category for your referral through this office. If your problem is not identified, please contact our office for further assistance.

Administrative Law

Business-related licensing issues. This area includes matters before the Alcohol Beverage Commission, Federal Trade Commission, Civil Service, Board of Education, Real Estate Commission, Federal Aviation Association, OSHA, and medical licensing groups. Limited issues related to school law representing teachers or students.


Boat-related issues involving damage to a ship, damage to cargo, or injury to an individual.


Contract issues for artists, athletes and musicians


Personal and corporate bankruptcy issues including Chapter 7, Chapter 11, and Chapter 13.

Child Custody

Issues related to children including custody orders and modifications, child support, contempt actions, contested paternity, interstate/international issues, and Children’s Protective Services cases.

Civil Appeals

Appeals to trial court decisions in civil cases.

Commercial Law

Creditor’s rights, collections and contractual issues.

Commercial Litigation

Business trial matters including anti-trust issues, trade secrets, unfair competition, non-compete agreements, complex employment contracts, and international issues.

Consumer Law

Broad area covering most issues related to consumer purchases including consumer fraud, the Deceptive Trade Practice Act (DTPA), banking matters, “Lemon Law” (new cars), credit problems, homeowner improvements and repairs, utility problems, and small claims court representation.

Corporate Law

Issues related to businesses including forming corporations and partnerships, mergers and acquisitions, non-profit corporations, buying/selling/dissolving a business, franchise law, employment contracts and executive compensation agreements.

Criminal Law

Misdemeanor cases, traffic violations, license suspensions, juvenile proceedings, expunctions, parole violations, and criminal issues involving the mentally challenged.

Criminal Appeals

Appeals to trial court decisions involving criminal cases.

Criminal Federal Law

Federal criminal matters.

Criminal State Felony Law

Texas felony matters.

Driving While Intoxicated

Issues related to the criminal charge of driving while intoxicated.

Environmental Law

Issues related to the environment including biotechnology, toxicology, water, OSHA requirements, and asbestos.

Employment/Labor Law

Representing employees and employers of private companies and government agencies or unions for issues including wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, wage claims, Texas Employment Commission hearings, government procurement, retirement/pensions, ERISA, labor arbitration proceedings, negotiation/preparation of collective bargaining agreements, work-related injuries when company does not subscribe to workers’ compensation, and retaliation by a company due to a workers’ compensation claim.

Family Law

Issues related to the relationship of families including adoption, child abuse matters, guardianship, divorce, annulment, rights of grandparents, paternity, pre-nuptial agreements, co-habitation agreements, and interstate/international matters.

Immigration Law

Immigration and naturalization issues related to visas, naturalizations, labor certifications, fraud investigations, deportation and exclusion, and political asylum.

Insurance Law

Life, health, disability, medicare/medicaid, home, fire, and property insurance issues including arbitration and the obligation of defense and indemnity.

International Law

International business matters including international trade agreements, customs, tariffs, and foreign social security/pension/retirement benefits.

Legal Malpractice

Representation of clients or attorneys in problems related to the disposition of a legal matter.


Representation of landlords and tenants in contract issues related to leases and rentals of commercial and residential properties. This area also includes matters related to deed restrictions and homeowners associations.

Medical Malpractice

Representation of patients or medical personnel in matters related to possible negligent or otherwise improper medical care resulting in an injury.

Military Law

Matters related to military duty for active service personnel and veterans.

Oil and Gas

Matters related to issues involving oil, gas, and mineral rights.

Patent Law

Intellectual property matters including the application and registration of patents, trademarks, and copyrights. Related issues also include unfair competition, trade secrets, and computer law.

Personal Injury

Matters including injury to a person or damage to property that involve monetary compensation.

Probate, Trust, and Estates

Drafting wills, estate planning, tax planning, probating wills, and estate issues for deceased individuals. Additional areas include mental health matters, guardianships, and “elder law” issues such as the living will and power of attorney.

Product Liability

Injury to a person from a product involving monetary damages. Class action suits are included in this area.

Real Property/Real Estate Law

Commerical and residential real estate issues including preparing deeds, mortgages, closings, and foreclosures. Additional areas include complex matters such as fraud, rescission, condemnation, and eminent domain.

Rights (Constitutional Law)

Civil rights issues including discrimination (other than employment). Included in this area are matters that involve the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the rights of the elderly, gay individuals, children, and the mentally challenged.

Social Security

Representation at social security hearings including claims for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), benefit denials, and appeals for disabled, survivors, or retired claimants.


Representation of investors, brokers, dealers, and customers in issues related to disputes involving federal securities matters, state securities matters, stock or investment counseling, and arbitration.

Tax Law

Issues related to state and federal income taxes, corporate taxes, and interstate or international tax matters. This area also includes tax counseling.

Title and Boundaries

Issues related to property and boundary lines, zoning, variances, and trespassing.

Will Contests

Representation of individuals contesting the disposition of property as ordered in a will, or questioning the validity of a will.

Workers Compensation

Representation of individuals for claims, denials, and hearings related to injury or illness sustained on the job. The employer must be a subscriber to Texas Workers Compensation Insurance. Note: No Federal Workers Compensation issues are covered.

Wrongful Death

Representation of family members on behalf of a deceased individual whose death may have been a result of negligence.