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How will a qualified divorce lawyer help?

Your divorce lawyer will help you deal with the legal issues and serve as your advocate in the termination of your marriage. An experienced lawyer will help your understand what to expect in this often complicated and emotionally-challenging process.

It’s prudent to hire a lawyer if your spouse is being dishonest, uncooperative, or vindictive. And, of course, it’s wise to hire a lawyer if your spouse has legal representation.

Do I need a lawyer?

Even in short marriages where there are no children involved, there are often assets to be divided or other issues to be resolved, and working with a lawyer will likely get you a better result than going it alone.

If you are facing complicated financial issues, an experienced attorney will help you get the best possible result. It is important to have qualified legal representation when you have been married for many years and your assets have become entangled, or if your or your spouse own assets that have increased in value during the marriage.


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