Education Law, Student Rights & IDEA Issues

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Free speech, dress code, illegal searches, religious based conduct or speech, specialized educational needs, these are some of the education law issues parents may face on behalf of their child. If you are not sure what your child’s rights are or are concerned that violations may be happening, do not hesitate to speak with a lawyer to make sure your child is protected fully under the law and is receiving all of the educational benefits or other support he or she may be entitled to under federal and state law.

IDEA Issues

The Individuals With Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) is a federal law that governs what each state must do to meet the needs of students with disabilities. Each state must follow IDEA but can have its own guidelines as to who qualifies for each disability type. If you have a question or a concern related to IDEA and how it is being applied in your child’s case, then reach out for legal help and information.

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