Attorney Quick Reference

The Houston Lawyer Referral Service Quick Reference Page

Public Service:
The HLRS is a non-profit public service sponsored by 10 local bar associations. If a referral to an attorney is not appropriate, the caller can be referred to a social agency for help.

Clients Looking for Free Attorneys:
The phone message and HLRS Staff tell the potential client that the attorneys on the service are not free or reduced rate.

1/2 Hour Consultation Fee:
The rules of the HLRS state that the referred attorney may collect the maximum consultation fee of $20 for 1/2 hour but is not obligated to do so.

Frequency of Referrals:
LRS clients are told that they can receive one referral a day and only up to three referrals on one issue. The HLRS does not give out lists of attorneys.

Refer Back to the HLRS:
If you cannot help a client that is referred to you by the Service, please refer them back to the HLRS. It not only helps other panel members but also protects you from negligent referrals.

Save Postage:
Please feel free to use our online reporting system to save postage. If you are having trouble logging into our online case manager or need help navigating please call us so we can troubleshoot with you as soon as possible..

Client Surveys:
Every client that is referred to an attorney is sent a client satisfaction survey with a return envelope. This is done to ensure that HLRS is providing a valued service to the public

Quarterly Reports:
Any case that has not been reported on and is open will be listed on your quarterly report. You may pay fees to HLRS by returning your quarterly report with a check or as you receive your fee, whichever is more convenient for your record keeping.

Practice Area Changes:
If you wish to change practice areas, please contact us

Address and/or Firm Change:
If your office moves or you switch firms, please immediately inform the LRS at

Vacation, Sick or Busy:
If you are going on vacation, have an extended illness or are extremely busy the LRS can hold your referrals for any amount of time necessary. Just let us know.

ABA Logo:
The HLRS is permitted to use the ABA logo and slogan in advertising for complying with the Model Supreme Court Rules for Lawyer Referral and Information Services.